Saturday, July 4, 2020

Its All About the Water

Come and explore with us! The water in the Cayman Islands is absolutely, unequivocally and undeniably irresistible. When you come stay with us at Silver Sands it is a gateway to countless adventures in the Caribbean Sea. Whether you are a natural born mermaid, or one who just gazes out at sea, there is something for you.

Everyone LOVES a day out on the boat. Whether you want to go fishing, snorkelling, or just cruise the open ocean, a day on a boat will refresh your soul. Check out more info here:

Grand Cayman's Snorkelling Secrets

When the winds blow over our little island it is time to get the kites out and try your hand at Kite Surfing! Lessons are available or if you are experienced grab your gear and ride the wind. For more info check out our past blog post:

Kite Surfing in Cayman: A Tropical Winter Adventure

Kite surfing is not the only thing you can do up at Barkers National Park. You can also horse back ride and even have a little stroll through the shallows. For more info check out our past blog post here:

The Wild West Cayman Style

For details on sea side yoga check out our past post:

Yoga with a World Class View

Many people land on our sandy shores for one main activity, and that is to dive Cayman's reefs. We all love that hit of compressed air and freedom of floating with the fish. 

We have lots of info here on the blog about how to make the most of diving here in Cayman:

Top 3 Ways to Dive Grand Cayman

Living the Dream in Little Cayman

What's the Story with the Lionfish?

For more on Starfish adventures check out our past posts here:

Simply Starfish

Starfish Point, Well Worth the Trip

There are so many different kayak adventures to be found the island over, grab a kayak and paddle out on 7-Mile, sign up for a mangrove kayak, or try the bio bay kayak adventure with Cayman Kayaks.

Paddleboards have become quite the craze! Whether you want to rent a board and explore independently, or join a paddle yoga class, the options are at your fingertips! For more information check out our past blog post with all the details:

Paddleboarding in Paradise

If you are up for something quieter and low key, just gaze out to sea and take in that ocean breeze, or float in the shallows and chat and laugh with your vacation crew. No matter what you choose there is no choice but to enjoy our crystal clear blue water.

Above Photos: Heather Holt Photography
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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Silver Sand's Incredible Interiors

It is time to show some interiors! Silver Sands is one of the oldest condo complex's on 7-Mile beach and the exterior buildings are very 70's Cayman style but the interiors have certainly been upgraded to a variety of different modern styles that make your stay at Silver Sands comfortable and serene. 

Lets take a tour of some of our favorite shots from our rental interiors, starting with...

The Living Room: Imagine yourself taking a break from the gorgeous beach, which can admittedly get a bit hot sometimes! and chilling indoors in the AC. Enjoy the view of the tropical gardens and the Cayman blues of the sky and sea. Settle into the sofa with a good book, a Cayman magazine, or better yet a fish ID book to identify the colorful fish you just saw on your dive or snorkel.

The Patio: Before hitting the beach have a light breakfast or coffee on the patio and enjoy the morning light on the turquoise water, watch the birds flit about the garden and enjoy the fresh air and the view.

The Master Suite: Wake up, open the blinds and check out the view! The sprawling gardens and bright blue sea will get you right out of bed and ready for a day on the beach.

The Dining Room: Enjoy a casual lunch, BBQ dinners, or even hire a private chef to cater a special meal for you and your holiday loved ones to be deliciously devoured in the beautiful decor of the open plan dining room.

The Kitchen: All the kitchens are fully equipped for cooking, drinking and even storing and reheating take out from your favorite Cayman Restaurant

The Bedrooms: The rental units at Silver Sands have 1, 2 and 3 bedroom options all with slightly different layouts. Please check out the website to find the condo that will best suit you and your holidays needs.

Above Photos: Heather Holt Photography
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