Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Who knew Hell Could be Fun!

Just outside of West Bay, and only about a 6 minute drive from Silver Sands, on the North-West tip of Seven Mile Beach, lies the community of Hell. Hell is host to one of the most colorfully-named post offices in the world. Many visitors stop by in order to send a postcard, franked "Hell, Grand Cayman". They have been to Hell. Are you going too?
Hell’s fame, in addition to its great postmark, lies in the rock formations rising out of the ground. Short spikes of eerie-looking black rock look like lava in the aftermath of a volcano. The black, threatening rock gives an intimidating impression of what the other Hell may well be like. These jagged rock formations occupy an area around half the size of a soccer field. People are no longer allowed to walk among the rocks, for fear of damage. However, two observation platforms give a fascinating view of this Infernal landscape.
The rock formations are not actually lava, despite their appearance. They are a mixture of limestone and dolomite. The stone has been eroded over the years by algae producing a landform called a phytokarst. The algae attacks the calcium in the limestone, leaving a predominance of the harder dolomite. The resulting shapes are those which can be seen in Hell today. No further erosion will now take place as the algae requires water to stay alive. The rock is actually bright white in color, but has been blackened by the algae, giving rise to its weird appearance.
Info courtesy of Ecay Online.

Photography by: Heather Holt Photography

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Cayman Hurricane Season 2017

A few weeks ago we posted about the West Bay Dock and Public Beach, and how gorgeous it is. Unfortunately despite Hurricane Nate being 300 miles from the Cayman Islands we still felt the effects. The West Bay dock got some huge swell and did not fair well. These photos were taken the day after the big swell so you can imagine the waves the dock had to endure! Other areas along 7-Mile and South Sound had rough waters and large swell as well but nothing too serious.

During Irma we also got a bit of wind and waves. Silver Sand's beach and the other beaches around the island were covered in sea weed and many of the trees suffered from the sea spray and had to be cut back, but all in all Cayman has lucked out with the hurricanes this season and we are all so grateful our little island is, for the most part, still in tact. 

Photography by: Heather Holt Photography

Friday, September 29, 2017

Kaibo Yacht Club: A Cayman Favorite

If you feel like a little day trip or an evening culinary adventure away from Silver Sands, a trip to Kaibo Yacht Club is right up your alley. If you are hungry after your adventure at Starfish Point, Kaibo is the perfect chilled out lunch spot with a killer view of the boats, docks and the Northside beach. They are also open for dinner and have some awesome evening events like the Luna del Mar full moon dinner, or the Beach BBQ. Below is a little virtual tour of this charming seaside beach bar. All information and photography comes from the Kaibo website

"The oldest and the favorite local beach bar in Cayman Kai, Kaibo Beach Bar combines the feel of down-to-earth beach shack with a fine island establishment. First erected in the ’80s to serve drinks to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her tour of Grand Cayman, Kaibo Beach Bar’s charm remains intact, despite several transformations since. Kaibo Beach Grill serves local specialities all day, and the drinks are worth the discovery.
Kaibo Beach Bar is the heart of this unique piece of paradise. Kaibo Beach Bar is well known for its ice cold beer,  devotedly covered by fresh mountains of ice, day and night. The attraction of Kaibo Beach is it’s distance from the tourist strip of Seven Mile Beach. The quickest way to travel is by boat, arriving at the dock in just 15-25 minutes from Camana Bay.
The drive from George Town is worth the picturesque journey, with historical Bodden Town, The Botanical Gardens and The Mastic Trail on the way. Wonderful friendly bar staff, retro beach signs on the back wall, free wifi, the Caribbean BBQ, live music on Tuesday, and the affordable all day island style menu are key qualities of Kaibo Beach Bar. Kaibo is nestled in the safe and quiet harbour of secluded Cayman Kai and the North Sound Nature Reserve, nearby Starfish Point."

"The menu is unpretentious, fresh and delicious. Beach Bar speciality drinks such as the Rare Rum Mojito, and the Premium Mudslide adorn the list of tropical cocktails to complete your beach experience.
At Kaibo, there’s always something fun going on at the beach…… and it’s decidedly unpretentious; a favourite with ‘beach bums’, off-duty professionals, watersport fanatics, rum afficionados, dog owners, relaxed families and of course the local Cayman Kai residents. Bioluminescence kayak tours and stand up paddle boards are available if you’re feeling active. If not, come to watch the boats pull into the marina, the boating crowd visit the gas station and then frequent the bar for their own refuelling. Even when the sunset crowd regulars pile into this paradise retreat there is always plenty of space on this white sand beach. From sunset Kaibo will fill up with regulars, but pull up a stool at the bar with arguably the best view on island, and you’ll be made to feel welcome. If you’re into live music, you’re in luck because every Tuesday night a local band plays on the beach, while the beach kitchen team prepare your dinner under a cabana for the eat-all you-can the BBQ."

Kaibo Beach is a very special place, there are few places in this world where you can live out your desert island dreams of palm trees and white sand beaches, and still have a high class dining experience every month. With the global notoriety that the Luna Del Mar Party has gained as being one of the best beach dinners in the world, we get more than our fair share of ‘Luna Lovers’ gracing our shores. Each year the scene here grows with the ever-increasing number of chill-out faithful that return, bringing their loved-ones and spreading the vibe.
The Luna Del Mar monthly full moon dining experience is the ultimate celebratory 3- course sharing feast at Kaibo Beach. Dine under the stars to chill out beats, and enjoy the sky lantern display after dark.

Dinner under the stars – 3 course sharing feast, 9 dishes - $55  per person
Luna Del Mar Package – water taxi sunset crossing,  3 course sharing feast and water taxi return trip.- $75 per person

How to get there
As mentioned above, the quickest way to travel is by boat, arriving at the dock in just 15-25 minutes from Camana Bay. Kaibo recommends you contact the following boat operators directly for any other times.

Captain Chris:
Telephone: 929-4489 or 329-2394 (great for Stingray City charters!)
Cayman Ferries:
Telephone: 325-7777
Peacemaker Tours:
Telephone: 927-5790
Double Trouble:
Telephone: 916-1643 or 925-8762

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Cayman Sunsets Never Get Old

With low season in full swing it means we can do some house cleaning here at Silver Sands to get the place ready for all our lovely guests and owners. Despite our little island being as quiet as can be and rainy season at its wettest, we are still getting those gorgeous Cayman sunsets. The rain clouds always make for some awesome sunsets.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cayman's Distillery & Brewery Tours

Cayman is home to some pretty unique beverages. From Seven Fathoms rum which is distilled at 7 fathoms of under sea pressure to White Tip, the beer that saves sharks. 

Whether it be a rainy day or you just need a break from the sun, take a little day trip from Silver Sands and check out the Distillery and Brewery. They both do daily tours where you can sample the products and see how these delicious beverages are made.

Duration: 30-40 minutes
Price: $15 USD per person; discounts available for groups of 5 or more.
Location: 68 Bronze Road, Georgetown, Grand Cayman
We strongly recommend booking in advance to secure your tour time – they fill up quickly.

The Cayman Islands Brewery has been operating since 2007 and is Cayman's only brewery, and largest manufacturing facility. Their beers are highly regarded and have won numerous international awards.

Cayman Islands Brewery offers tours Monday-Friday on the hour, 9am-4pm.

The CIB produces four main beers, plus seasonals, all of which are worth sampling. You can purchase their beers from the brewery or from most liquor stores, bars and restaurants Island-wide.

  • Caybrew (5% ABV) A smooth, full-bodied premium lager, with a crisp, clean hop character.
  • Caybrew Premium Light (4.2%) ABV A premium light lager with a smooth sweet finish. Specially crafted to remove the gluten.  
  • Ironshore Bock (7% ABV) An amber lager, made with specialist hops from the Cascade Mountains, delivering a unique roasted after taste.
  • White Tip Lager (5.2% ABV) A very smooth pilsner, with bright golden colour. This conservation beer donates $1.20 per case to marine research in the Cayman Islands.
  • 345 Lager (5% ABV) A refreshing light lager, with a short sweet finish. One of the Islands most popular beers.
  • 345 Stout (7.5% ABV) A bold strong stout, with hints of chocolate and smooth roasted finish.
Seasonals include: Mango Tango, Twisted Citrus and Pirates Gold with more available periodically throughout the year.

Friday, September 1, 2017

West Bay Dock: Where 7-Mile Beach Begins

West Bay Public Beach and Dock is located at the far north end of Grand Cayman's famous 7-Mile beach and just a 5 minute drive from Silver Sands Condos.

Besides enjoying the blue water and white sand beach as is typical of 7-Mile Beach, West Bay Beach and Dock are special as you also have the old textured dock, ironshore rocks, colorful cabanas and an array of locals and tourists enjoying this charming little public beach making it a nice place to hang out and people watch.

Photography by: Heather Holt Photography

Monday, July 31, 2017

The Wild Chickens of Cayman

While enjoying the lush grounds of Silver Sands you might notice a flock of feathered friends roaming about. The chickens of Grand Cayman are wild, harmless and add that much more character to our little island. You can find them literally everywhere, from the parking lots of banks and supermarkets, to public beaches and the bush and even (disturbingly) hanging outside of KFC... if they only knew!

Some people will eat them as they are a good organic option! However it is said that their meat can be quite tough and needs to be slow cooked.

Two of the downsides to having these guys roaming free is that they don't mind what hour of the day it is, they like to make noise! 3am.... cock-a-doodle-doo!! Also they tend to hand by the sides of the road and bolt to the other side often times making them roadkill. Poor guys.