Friday, May 19, 2017

Hammock in Paradise

How can you possibly resist this hammock in paradise??? Silver Sand's beach has some enticing places to sit and chill and enjoy a world class view of 7-Mile Beach. This is one of the favorite spots, a hammock under the palm grove with a front row seat to the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Mastic Trail: Hiking in Grand Cayman

If you would like to get out and explore the island a bit more the Mastic Trail is a perfect day trip from Silver Sands. My best recommendation is to do it in the winter months where it is not so hot and humid. Set off in the morning, do the hike and then head on over to Over the Edge or Rum Point for some lunch and R&R.

"The Mastic Reserve on Grand Cayman protects part of the largest contiguous area of untouched, old growth dry forest remaining on the island. This area and other similar expanses of forest in Cayman are of international significance representing some of the last remaining examples of the Caribbean's dry, subtropical, semi deciduous dry forest, which have been the target of particularly intense deforestation throughout the West Indies.

The area is home to a wide variety of animals and plants unique to the Cayman Islands, and also to large populations of trees which have vanished from more accessible places through logging in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

One of the principal aims of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands is to try to safeguard the survival of the diversity of native wild plants and animals on these islands. This is most effectively achieved by protecting intact natural areas. The Trust's Land Reserves Programme was set up to acquire designated high priority environmental areas for protection under the National Trust for the Cayman Islands Law, 1987. Through a combination of donations and purchases, 834 acres of the total target area of 1,300 acres is currently under the care and management of the Trust, forming the Mastic Reserve."

All above information curtesy or the National Trust Website.

Mastic Trail Tours
Tuesday through Friday mornings
$20 for members
$24 for non-members

Additional days and private tours may also be available.
Call 749-1121 for reservations, meeting time and directions.

Although not as informative, you can also brave the trail by yourself, just be sure to bring lots of bug spray, sunscreen, a hat and wear long pants and long sleeves to protect you from the poisonous plant Maiden Plum.

There is so much wildlife that you can see, the Cayman Parrot along with other native birds, snakes and other reptiles and lizards, and so much plantlife! Another reason to do a guided tour, your guide can tell you all about every little critter you might come across.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Silver Sand's Beach: Pick a Chair Any Chair!

The location of Silver Sands on the far north end of 7-Mile the beach is very quiet as many people don't make it up this far. We are also extremely lucky to have a HUGE beach so even if there are a few people walking by, or other guests at Silver Sands, you can always find a nice quiet chair to chill on.

Monday, March 27, 2017

The Wild West Cayman Style!

If you love horses and need a fun activity for the family then the Spirit of the West is the activity for you! Just a 10 minute drive from Silver Sands, into the heart Cayman's very own wild west! Camanian owned and operated you are guarenteed to make the most out of this beach riding experience. 

Beach Ride (and swim)
The beautiful Caribbean Sea is your backdrop, as you stroll along the white sands at the water's edge, led by knowledgeable and professional guides with over 40 years experience with horses, you will lose yourself in the magical wonderland of the sea, sand, flora and fauna with this unforgettable excursion. They even give the option on some of the rides to swim with your horse in the beautiful crystal clear blue water.

Moonlight Ride
Experience a ride where your senses are turned upside down and inside out! Guided only by the light of the moon and the natural instinct of your horse, you will be mesmerized by its reflection on the sea, the cool, crisp, perfect air around you and the flash of your sandy path ahead, so white it glows like snow! Keep your eye on the moon as it peeks in and out of the clouds and illuminates your ride to peaceful nirvana!

Information and photos courtesy of the Spirit of the West website.

The above company is most recommended but there are a few other companies that do horse back riding as well:

Cayman Horse Riding with Nikki

Pampered Ponies

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Caribbean Hermit Crab

This is one of the Cayman Island's hermit crabs, a close up view! These guys can get up to the size of a clementine orange, although the larger ones are quite rare to spot these days as they tend to live in the uninhabited bush and forest areas, away from the development of 7-Mile. The younger and smaller hermit crabs can be found more commonly on the beach, in rocky shorelines and other quieter areas around the island and close to the shore. These land based crabs are great recyclers as they depend on finding shells scattered along the shore line to use as shelter, protection and as their home. 

If you want a little island adventure away from Silver Sands, there are lots of hermit crabs to be found on South Sound Beach, about a 15 minute drive from Silver Sands, south of Georgetown. But remember they do have pinchers and they also like to stay with their families so leave them where you found them!

For more info on a few other of Cayman's crab species check out these posts:

Land Crabs

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day From Silver Sands!

Hope you join us for Valentines Day here at Silver Sands! It will be filled with white sands, blue skies, turquoise water and golden sunsets.

Here are a few suggestions of activities to do with your special someone from last years Valentines Post.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The long awaited Department of Environment App!!!

The idea of having an app for the Department of Environment was born years ago and finally after a long journey it is finally here! Now everyone can get educated on the rules and regulations, the do's and don'ts, the lets get some lobster but no way jose it's not lobster season... the tell all app for the waters of the Cayman Islands. 

It is available for iphone, ipad and android and here are the links and all the relevant info:

The DoE is responsible for so much around the island, from enforcing rules to education, all for the cause of protecting the natural environment which is critical for the island nation's tourism, as well as part of the long standing local sea faring culture. The photos and links below are just some of the things the DoE is responsible for and this app will help everyone to understand the catch limits, allocated usage zones, catch seasons, and what to eat and what not to eat all at a quick glance. The app is not only user friendly it is highly effective for everyone to learn the rules, practice them ad be able to help enforce them in an everyday kind of way.

There are so many different zones for marine parks, dive sites, swimming areas, wildlife interaction, replenishment, fishing etc., now you can see for yourself where you can be legally fishing, happily diving, safely swimming or peacefully kissing and petting stingrays.

For more info on Cayman's Marine Parks check out our past post "Marine Parks: Keeping Cayman's Reefs Alive and Healthy"

The DoE also is in charge of enforcing and monitoring the invasive lionfish issue on the island and helps to sponsor the culling tournaments that happen every few months, always resulting in some delicious eats! 

Check out more info from our past post "Whats the Story with the Lionfish?"

Fishing, lobstering and conching are all favorite and delicious past times of all islanders and "taking" responsibly is so important. The new DoE app will tell you exactly what, when and where you can collect these delectable island treats so that their populations can stay at healthy numbers, the animals can have time to regenerate and no creature will be depleted with overfishing.

For more info on grouper check out our past post "Cayman's Grouper need our help, here's why..."

One last thank you to the DoE for their hard work and making it easy for us to know how to better manage, practice and respect the Cayman waters we all love and adore.