Saturday, August 31, 2019

Stingray Serenity

In our eariler post we mentioned that Starfish Point was a must see while staying at Silver Sands. Well you are in luck because the infamous Stingray City is also a must see and most boat trips combine the two amazing animal encounters into a fun day trip out on the North Sound of Grand Cayman. Nothing to be afraid of with these big lovely puppy dog like fish, they know the drill, cuddle/kiss a tourist, get a piece of squid and everyone is happy. 

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Simply Starfish

While staying at Silver Sands, a visit to Starfish Point is a must! Located in the quiet area of the Northside of Grand Cayman live the beautiful Red Cushion Starfish. This beautiful spot is accessible by boat or you can make the hour drive up, enjoying the scenic island along the way, and explore the beach and surrounding area of Rum Point and Kaibo.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Animals from Hell!

As you may have learned from our past Hell post, Who Know Hell Could be Fun!, hell is an area in West Bay that has some interesting grey/black limestone formations that not only are a fun tourist attraction, but also home to some of Cayman's wildlife. When I visit Hell I like to head to the orange building to the right of the main post office. The proprietors of this property are the cutest older couple and have a vast knowledge of the wildlife that frequents the area, as well as a keen eye to spot them. In the photos below see if you can spot some of the Cayman critters!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Mango Maddness!

It is mango season here in the Cayman Islands. At Silver Sands there are many fruit trees including mango, avocado, key lime, guava and coconut. This time of year the mangos are growing and becoming ripe everyday. There is nothing like a ripe mango! A true tropical sweet treat, straight from nature. Come visit us at Silver Sands and pick one before everyone else does!

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Mean and Green

Think these invasive critters are cute or creepy? As you walk the grounds of Silver Sands you will notice these green guys peering at you from the trees and bushes, sometimes even chilling right out in the open. The green iguana are not native to the Cayman Islands and not having any predators, have become a pest. Although they are beautiful creatures to look at, they eat native vegetation, poop everywhere! and are threatening the native Blue Iguana's habitat. So much that there is a nation wide bounty on these guys now! The government has an ongoing Iguana Cull hoping that it will cut down on the population of these scaly pests.

Photo Credit: Heather Holt Photography